Physis 3D T-Bar Handlepost

Launchpad to Customize the Cockpit


  • Tern Physis 3D T-bar Handlepost
  • Tern Physis 3D T-bar Handlepost
  • Tern Physis 3D T-bar Handlepost
  • Tern Physis 3D T-bar Handlepost
  • Physis 3D T-Bar Handlepost

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  • 3D forged from a single piece of aluminum for extra strength and stiffness—virtually eliminating the flex that is the Achilles heel of most folding bikes igus® bearings for smooth operation and rubber seals to protect headset bearings 
  • Precision machined to a tolerance of only 50 microns ensures a tight fit and eliminates looseness and rattling 
  • Available in 290 mm, 320 mm and 350 mm lengths to accommodate different rider heights or ride comfort 
  • Available in 6⁰ and 12⁰ angles for different arm lengths 
  • Automatically locks in place upon closing the lever for extra, easy security
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  • Description

    The Tern Physis has quickly built a reputation as the stiffest folding handlepost on the market, but the Physis 3D takes it up a notch with 3D forging technology. That makes a Physis 3D T-Bar handlepost one of the best upgrades for your bike.

    Here’s why you should upgrade:

    Upgrading your handlepost lets you customize your ride by change of the height and angle of the handlepost. Choose between heights of 290 mm and 350 mm and 6° and 12° of angle.

    The Tern Physis 3D T-Bar handlepost is compatible with the Andros Stem and Syntace VRO 47  stems – not to mention the terrific Valo lights. The Andros Stem and Syntace VRO 47 give you unmatched flexibility to adjust your riding position and the Tern Valo 2 is the best integrated light system going.

    If you already have a Physis 2D T-bar handlepost, switching to a Physis 3D will give you even more stifness.

    About Handlepost Height and Angle

    Use handlepost height to tailor your ride. A taller handlepost will give you a more upright riding position and is recommended for taller riders. A shorter handlepost lets you create a more aggressive riding position for going fast.

    The angle of the handlepost refers to the degrees from the angle of the steer tube. A 12° handlepost elongates the cockpit by moving the bars further away. A 6° angle keeps the bars closer.

    About the Physis 3D Handlepost

    The Physis 3D is forged from a single piece of aluminum. Only a small handful of factories around the world can 3D forge such a complicated, large piece. Welds are eliminated and material distribution optimized for strength. The result is a handlepost that is 2 1/2 times as strong as the original benchmark on rigorous EN tests.

    Note: The Physis 3D handlepost should be used only with the original Syntace VRO 47 or the Tern Andros as well as the Kinetix Pro and Pro X Handlebars. If you want to install a different stem or handlebar, please consult with an authorized Tern dealer.

  • Technical Details
    Color(s) Brushed Black
    Brushed Silver
    Sand Blast Silver
    12°, 290 mm (11.4")

    12°, 320 mm (13.2")
    12°, 350 mm (13.8")
    6°, 290 mm (11.4")

    12°, 290 mm: 718 g (1.6 lb)
    12°, 320 mm: 736 g (1.6 lb)
    12°, 350 mm: 756 g (1.7 lb)
    6°, 290 mm: 714 g (1.6 lb)
    Load Capacity
    Volume Capacity n/a
    Compatible Bikes
    All Tern bikes with Andros or VRO stem except Joe, Roji, Link A7, B7 & C7.
    Compatible Items
    Andros Stem
    Syntace VRO 47 Stem
    Valo 2 & Direct Lights
    Material Aluminum
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